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Jade Heng
MScEd (University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education)
​PhD candidate Oxford University

Han Fook Yan
​MSc Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore 
​Former Level Head, Biology, Secondary School in the North

Tony Teo
​MSc Accountancy, Nanyang Technological University
Former Principles of Accounting Subject Head, leading Junior College

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Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
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We let our students' results speak for themselves
Grade improvements

Over 80% of our students have grade improvements within the first 3 months of tuition

The other 20% have grade improvements within the first 2 months of tuition

We all want – and need – good grades

Engage reliable private tutors

Having an academic mentor, or deciding to engage reliable private tutors would certainly help us achieve our goals much faster

Having good academic scores allows us to enroll in the secondary school, junior college and university that you are aiming for. You also get to choose the subject combination, course/faculty in at university

Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
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Client's/Parent's Name and Surname
Eg 2 hours each session, twice a week, Mondays anytime from 4pm to 7pm etc
The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.
eg Secondary 1 English
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Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
MOE Teachers, PhD/Master's, Graduates/Undergraduates
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Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
Difficult exam questions - why it's happening

Over the years, harder questions are being answered correctly by more and more students. Exam setters have no choice but to introduce even harder questions

This then leads to harder questions when it is your turn to take the exam

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, really – exams are seen as more difficult, so parents want to engage reliable private tutors for their children. The children study harder and manage to do fairly well

The papers and results are reviewed, and because the students have been so well-prepared and on the whole have done well, the papers are deemed too easy. And then the next year, even more difficult questions are set

And further increases the need for parents to engage reliable private tutors

Volatile and disappointing exam grades - can be avoided after you engage professional home tuition teachers

“Overnight, his strongest subject became his weakest.” 

This is every parent’s worst nightmare, whether your son is in primary school or your daughter is taking her A Levels this year

Parents worry that their children are not able to catch up in class, or score better marks than they currently are

The fear of not being able to catch up in class – or even failing the subject – is sufficient to make parents lose quite a bit of sleep

No matter how much students try to self-study, they eventually agree that they need to engage reliable private tutors

Challenging and tricky exam questions - will things get easier?

As more and more children are able to correctly answer the special (very difficult) questions used to differentiate and filter out the better students, the test setters have no choice but to up the ante and introduce even more difficult questions to differentiate and filter out the best students

And to give their children that edge, parents will once again demand that services be provided which enable their children to solve these even more difficult questions

These services can be in the form of supplementary or remedial lessons conducted by teachers in school, or better still, can be through wise decisions to engage reliable private tutors

You can do better than the others - once you engage committed private tuition teachers

Because the objective is to “do better than the other person” rather than only to “get a certain grade”, parents will do all they can (as loving parents) to give their children that competitive edge

It’s not just about keeping up with other children with better grades, but also to make sure their kids don’t feel “stupid’’ or “left out’’ and end up really hating the subject because others are so good at it

Good grades are the best confidence boosters

Get a private tutor who can remember your child’s weaknesses and effectively target those areas

Help your child to stay ahead. It is important for their future

Customized tutor matches so that you can easily engage dedicated home tutors with excellent track records

We are former MOE senior teachers leading a professional team of experienced graduate tuition coordinators

Top Tutor’s academic advisors – who ensure that we always have the latest information of education developments and challenges in the MOE syllabus and exams – include former Heads of Departments at leading schools

We have significant experience in teaching and marking exam papers. Our team has established a broad and deep network of specialist tutors in the various academic levels (primary and secondary schools, and junior college) and across academic subjects

Top Tutors provides you a free and easy way to engage reliable private tutors

Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
Top Tutors provides what students expect

As parents, we know what we expect from our children. We have our criteria to evaluate their grades, their study methods, and often their behavior too

But academically, do we ask the students what they expect from tutors?

Every month, Top Tutors asks different groups of our students and tutors about what we can do to help them succeed more sustainably


Why should you engage qualified and reliable private tutors?
We have noticed three main themes:
  1. Students want to learn something new and useful in each lesson. They do not expect the tutor to know everything, even though they know their tutor had scored an A themselves, for that subject. They want the tutor to convey knowledge or a skill that is relevant to their grades and to their lives
  2. Students want their tutor to bring out the best in them, to help them find the courage to ask questions that are bothering them, give them the desire and ability to do the required work, and to show them that by completing their work that they will achieve certain goals
  3. Students want their tutor to respect them – that is, to understand their difficulties, their weak academic areas, and what they are going through in school. If their studying method is wrong, they want the tutor to correct them and put them back on track


experienced. qualified. responsible.


tutors with excellent reviews


Students learn at their own pace – this means that at home, you can choose to be studying the same chapters as the ones your school teacher is covering…or you can opt to study ahead, or revise one or two chapters behind your school


Learn how to apply textbook knowledge so that you can confidently navigate unexpectedly difficult exam questions. 

Practice with a patient expert tutor, so that complex concepts are never frustrating again


Over 80% of our students have grade improvements within the first 3 months of tuition

The other 20% achieve better grades within the first 2 months of tuition

  • Since 2005, Top Tutors has grown to be Singapore’s largest and most successful tuition agency because our team has helped students achieve distinctions and greatly-improved grades at the primary school, secondary school, junior college, polytechnic and university levels
  • It is very likely that the students who are at the top of your class or cohort are our clients
  • If you noticed that the student in your class had been regularly failing but now is able to confidently achieve strong passes, he or she is also likely to be one of our clients


  • Our clients include parents who are school principals and teachers, students who are referred to us by their school teachers, and leading tuition centres
  • Top Tutors has at least 2,500 tutors for each subject that is taught at MOE schools
  • We are sure there will be an awesome tutor for you, whatever your requirements are – whether your child is in Primary 1, or you are a Year 3 student at NUS
Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
Remember that when you are selecting tutors, it is their commitment, experience and qualifications that matter


  • If you have a tutor who did not himself/herself score an A in the subject, it will become very distressing when you have to “un-learn” information that was taught wrongly to you
  • It is the grades that you get today that will determine your entry into the next level, the good classes and the good schools
  • Having the right tutor makes a lot of difference when you are serious about preparing properly for your exams


  • We select and recommend tutors to you based on the tutors’ past success in teaching, the quality of grade improvements, and the tutors’ own academic achievements in the subjects they are teaching
  • Tutor matching is a specialized service. The larger the size of our team, the better the chances that our tuition coordinators are able to quickly identify the best of the best tutors in Singapore – for you


  • You have many choices when you hire a tutor from Singapore’s largest tuition agency
  • We will show you between 4 to 10 tutor profiles
  • Choose the best among the very best, from Singapore’s largest tuition agency


After you have told us your strengths, weaknesses and concerns, we will carefully match you with an experienced tutor who has proven success in meeting your specific learning needs

Top Tutors prepares every student for academic achievement. All our tutors are recommended to you with your academic needs in mind

Our tutors therefore tailor every tuition session to meet the unique needs of each student

Eliminate your weaknesses, and have crystal clear understanding of the chapters you are having difficulty with


  • You can expect to receive tutor profiles between 6 to 12 hours after you contact us, depending on your tuition requirements and tutor availability
  • Please let us know your expectations, and we will recommend an excellent match for you
  • Choose the most suitable tutor, and tuition can start within the same week. You can terminate the assignment at any time
  • You will be charged only for the lesson(s) taken. A replacement tutor will be immediately provided, for free


  • Fees are within your budget and suit your requirements
  • Tuition matching is free, and within 12 hours after you contact us, you can choose your ideal tutor
  • Because Top Tutors is the largest tuition agency in Singapore, we are able to provide you a free and easy way to hire a tutor with deep expertise in the subject that you find challenging

Mrs Teo, Mother Of Student From Anglo-Chinese School

Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition

Because we are Singapore’s largest tuition agency – and already have such a large active tutor database – we are able to accept only professional tutors with proven abilities to improve their students’ grades. Quickly. 

All our tuition agents/coordinators are graduates from Singapore's top 3 local universities

This is important for our clients because if your tuition coordinator had never done well in school, he or she would not know what types of tutors can truly help you succeed in your studies

Or what each tutor’s greatest tutoring strengths are, compared to other tutors in our team

Two analogies – none of us will feel safe boarding a car if the driver had previously failed the driving test 4 times before managing to just pass – and many of us might not want to try out automated and driverless taxis unless the technology is proven to be safe

Top Tutors makes extra efforts to ensure that the tutor profiles we show you meet the highest academic standards and that the tutor matches are personalized according to every detail that you require

Top Tutors therefore hires tuition coordinators only if they have majored in the subjects that they are arranging tuition matches for

This means that when you are seeking a tutor for Math, the experienced tuition coordinator responsible for submitting profiles for you to review would have graduated from NUS, NTU or SMU in a Math-related subject, or would have scored distinctions in their junior college and secondary/primary Math-related school exams

Start Tuition | Reputable Tuition Agency | Hardworking Private Tutor Singapore | Reliable 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore | Online Tuition
Specialist tutors
  • Whether it is Science, Math, English, Mother Tongue or the Humanities, our tutors have what it takes to teach
  • Our tutors help our students first comprehend and appreciate the concepts
  • Then, we work on the important exam skills that students must have, if they want to score well in their exams
  • We are Singapore’s largest tuition agency. We are very experienced and confident in helping students score much higher grades
  • Our philosophy is that when students are nurtured and guided well, the grades will very quickly improve

Primary School, Gifted Education Programme, Secondary School, Express, Normal Academic, Integrated Programme, International Baccalaureate, H1/H2/H3 Junior College, Polytechnic Modules, University Modules


Higher Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue(Chinese, Malay, Tamil)


Chinese Language
General Paper
Knowledge & Inquiry
Literature in English
Malay Language
Principles of Accounts
Tamil Language


Integrated Programme
Normal Academic
Additional Math
Combined Science
Higher Mother Tongue
Literature in English/Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue
(Chinese, Malay, Tamil)
Principles of Accounts
Social Studies

Top Tutors has a select team of highly-qualified tutors who specialize in tutoring polytechnic-level and university-level students. Choose your ideal tutors today, from Singapore's biggest tuition agency
Tutors from Singapore' largest tuition agency
  • Have a proven track record of producing improved academic results in their students
  • Our experienced tutors use the latest MOE syllabus, marking schemes and exam formats so that students learn what is relevant for exams and their overall development
  • These tutors have been tutoring in that specific subject for the past few years
  • They themselves have achieved strong academic results in the subjects that they teach – meaning they are teaching your child the correct information that they need to learn
  • As our tutors have done well in school themselves, they are familiar with how to answer difficult exam questions
  • Our tutors are patient and professional, and have impressive tutoring and academic achievements
  • We teach the subject in a step-by-step method – clearly and correctly – so that even difficult concepts become easier to understand. When the explanations and content make sense, our students’ grades improve
  • Year after year, our reputation ensures that we can attract the best tutors to be a part of our team

Our attention to detail during the matching process ensures that we recommend only tutors who are proficient in the subject, and whose teaching style matches how you prefer to learn

Private home tuition is useful for:
  • Students who cannot focus in a big group
  • Students who are too shy to ask questions in class
  • Students who need the full attention of their tutors
  • Students who have specific weak areas to improve upon
  • Students who are performing reasonably well but would like to have a competitive edge over the other students – so that they have a better chance to be placed in the top classes and top schools
  • Students who are underperforming in comparison to their classmates, and the new information taught in school is starting to be overwhelming
  • Students who find some topics too vague and difficult to understand
  • Students whose busy parents have little time to help them with their homework, assignments and exams